Saturday, July 29, 2006


Well, my special thanks to Rob for his encouragement to get back on the "bike" (ha ha) and to Bromley for her sound advice to set a specific time for our sex date and keep the man busy until then. Because it worked, and it was the best we'd done in ages, and with an unexpected and delicious bonus.

We set a night. We set a time. I made it clear that he could reschedule if he wasn't feeling well and I wouldn't resent it as long as he told me as early in the day as possible. And we had a nice day, with a leisurely brunch with the newspapers, as he likes to do.

And he helped me to get our baby down and the major chores done early.

And when the time came, he didn't "forget". He didn't stare at the TV like it was about to reveal the meaning of life. He didn't look surprised and somewhat shocked to find out that it was that time again when we'd already done it this year. He didn't look at me like I was a chore. He played me rock and roll love songs and danced with me and told me I was beautiful.

And I didn't sit there thinking sadly of all the times things had gone wrong. I took a long, hot shower, sprayed on perfume I know he likes, put on something pretty that showed just enough to be interesting, and read a few pages of a light, sexy novel that got me in the mood, too.

And it was good. There was long, slow kissing. There was tender and passionate touching. There were silly jokes and giggling. And there were orgasms. Lot of orgasms.

Well, actually, that was the unexpected bonus. I think I had a true multiple orgasm last night.

Let me explain. I am fairly easily orgasmic. I would practically never have any kind of sexual activity without an orgasm. And the thing is, my partner has talent in this area. A rarely exercised talent, its true, but talent all the same. He is like one of those former sports stars who have retired, but then suddenly and unexpectedly return to the field and blitz the opposition, showing they've still got it.

I remember when we had been broken up for three years and got back together. In that time, I'd had a few sexual partners. Some of them were pretty good. I'd learned a few things. But I remember that the night we made love again, for the first time in three years, I realized that it was far and away the best sex I'd had in three years. And not just because of the feelings, the closeness, but because some men are just naturally good at this stuff and he is one of those men.

Anyway, I would usually have several orgasms with my partner. One after another, with a little rest in between. My record in one session is eight, and I would reliably have two or three. And I thoroughly enjoy them. But last night, the second one started before the first one had ended, and the third one started before the second one had faded. It just went on and on. And it was good! After we'd finished, I just lay there, gasping with pleasure. And my partner lay there smugly, feeling like an utter sex god.

It was good, good, good. And it wasn't just the orgasms. The feeling between us was good, good, good.

Just thinking about it, I have felt the need to break off in the middle of this posting to have a little dance around the loungeroom, singing James Brown songs:

I feel good (dee dee diddle-dee dee dee - dazed look of a truly satisfied woman)
I knew that I would now (little jig)
I fee-e-el good (sensuous wiggle on the spot)
I knew that I would now (dee dee diddle-dee dee dee - big grin)
So good (punch the air)
So good (head banginging)
I got you!!!!! (dah, dah, dah.... yeah!)


Blogger Bromley said...

Fantastic!! It pays to get specific. Sounds like it paid off for you anyway.

You should make a special love calendar. Get some of those cute, sticky hearts and tell him you want him to be in control of when the love making takes place. As long as it takes place once a week. He can stick a heart on the day, write the time next to the heart and you can just show up.

You could set some limits as far as not going without sex but also leave him with some control.

Here is hoping there are many, many more nights like last night in your future.

7:06 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

No need to thank me, Emily. You both dealt with your problems and never gave up until they were resolved. Strong determination, communication and working as a team did the trick. Btw, just so you know, your link to me was to my *token blog* (not used) so if you should ever wish to contact me then you'll need to access my profile, which contains my email addy -

Good luck to you both.

10:22 PM  
Blogger loz said...

woohoo! what a wonderful thing to read about. congrats on the success :).

would you mind if I link to your blog? I don't use blogspot, but this one: (so you can see where your link would end up).

12:15 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

Bromley - thanks, I will ponder that idea.

Rob - darn, I thought seeing that page meant that you, too, were about to start blogging! I would have been a regular reader!

Loz - yes, feel free to link to me, and I will do the same.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

ps Bromley, I have clicked on your blog a couple of times in the last 24 hours and its gone. Have you moved? Have you stopped? I was just getting into it!

2:48 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

No Emily, like you (until recently anyway), I prefer to comment in other people's blogs and to exchange private emails and YM chats with net friends. Sorry that I have no blog for you.

6:37 PM  
Blogger loz said...

thank you Emily, I'll add your link now :). x

11:47 PM  
Blogger FTN said...

I guess congratulations are in order.

I'm happy to be able to provide my wife with ONE orgasm. I would think that him feeling like a "sex god" would make him want to make this a more regular event.

10:20 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

FTN - Yes, you'd think so, wouldn't you? But it doesn't work that way does it!!!

4:12 AM  

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