Sunday, June 22, 2008

On Hold

I can't seem to get the time to work on this blog at the moment, so it will have to go on hold until July.

The fact is, my life is on hold. While I wait for the next round of IVF, and with the Big Dude not very well, it's hard to take on anything else. I can't apply for a promotion at work. I can't plan our finances when I don't know how many thousands of dollars or even how much time this might take. There's not even much point in making new friendships or taking up new hobbies when I won't be able to sustain them in a few weeks time.

Basically, my life is in a state of suspended animation and so is this blog.

See you again in July.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Scratch That

Scratch all that "I feel good" stuff.

I've had a nasty virus all week - starting with stomach problems, followed by a very bad cold and a chest infection. I'm only just starting to recover and now the Little Dude has the same virus. He frightened me yesterday by refusing to eat or drink and burning up a high temperature. Apparently, he now also has a middle ear infection.

I spend almost all my time with the Little Dude lying on my lap, very listless, and refusing even to let me get up to have a shower or make a meal. I feel crap, the Little Dude feels crap, and the house looks like crap, too.

And now the Big Dude, who has soldiered on heroically for more than a week, tells me he feels a crash in health coming on...