Friday, September 07, 2007

Training Day (Week)

I have to go on a week's executive training for my job. All day today, I was looking forward to it - all that time away from everyday work problems and a chance to think about my (ahem) career.

But just getting out of the office today seemed to take forever. I was more than two hours late and my poor Big Dude had our Little Dude almost all day and looked knackered when I got home. How will he cope for all that time? And I feel faint just thinking about all the laundry piling up...

I swear, I just don't know how mothers that work full time do it. They must have nerves of steel.

Note to self: Show great respect to all working mothers and ask them how they do it.


Blogger Sailor said...

It isn't easy, even when you're a mom that is home. I have filled in for my wife when I send her away with her sisters for a break, and I'm not sure how *anyone* does it.

He'll cope, though- may not get to the laundry, but your two dudes will adjust what they have to, to get by- and greet you with extreme gratitude, when you return!

4:00 AM  
Blogger kissmekate said...

I have a million kids and work full time. But I am very lucky that my husband helps out with so much in the house.

However, it would be very nice to have a day or two with the kids at school and without having to go to work. Imagine what one could do?

I am sure Big Dude will be fine whilst you are away. And the washing can wait Emily! It will still be there tomorrow.

4:30 AM  
Blogger Fusion said...

Try to enjoy the training, i.e. don't fall asleep during the classes. The guys will survive and learn to appreicate you even more while you're gone.

5:34 AM  
Blogger Uhave said...

I am a single mom...and here's how we do it:


10:37 AM  
Blogger Cat said...

I don't do it LOL. Most of my day is about what I didn't get done not what I did :) I am sure you have it all under control much better than you think.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous C-Marie said...

I think it's just something that happens - it's those things in life that we just do - hell, I look back and I don't even know how I did it!


5:13 AM  
Blogger Phyllis Renée said...

I look back now and wonder how I ever managed to get through the years while my kids were growing up. The only thing I can come up with is that I was young. A friend of mine is about my age (44) and has a one year old. I can't imagine having to start all over again.

7:13 AM  
Blogger Phyllis Renée said...

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7:14 AM  
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